DOI: 10.14704/nq.2006.4.4.110

A Robotic Program that Acquires Concepts and Begins Introspection

Kenzo Iwama


This paper firstly describes concept acquisition by a robot, and then explains a robotic program that acquires concepts. Concept acquisition by a robot can be described as follows. Suppose one has given the robot instances of a concept one after another. Then the one gives the robot a beginning part of an instance new to the robot, and sees how the robot behaves. If the robot finishes the rest of the instance, one can say that the robot has acquired the concept. The paper explains our robotic program that shows the behavior just described. The program has a preprogrammed program and components. The preprogrammed program generates programs by assembling components in such a way that the assemblies match inputs to the robot and robotic actions guided by a person. The preprogrammed program generalizes assemblies of components and applies generalized assemblies to a new instance. As a result of the application, the robot, given a beginning part of the instance, finishes the rest of the instance.


robotic program, concepts, introspection, artificial mind

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