DOI: 10.14704/nq.2017.15.2.1030

Coding by Quantum Entanglement Entropy

Robert Skopec


In our view, the Universe can be described as having two forms of energy: one related to attractive gravitational forces, which is negative, and the other related to mass according to Einstein’s formula E = mc2, which is positive. The generation of nonequilibrium structures (such as Bénard vortices or chemical oscillations), where energy is conserved, also corresponds to a free lunch, for the price of nonequilibrium structures is entropy, and not energy. In this context, we can specify the origin of negative gravitational energy and its transformation into positive matter-energy. The idea of the Cartesian Theater is that somewhere in the brain, there is a perceptual space that contains the contents of consciousness. Implied by the supposition of this space is that there must also be a viewer (or viewing process) that is the experience of this content. Contrary to this we think that consciousness can be explained without the Cartesian Theater.


Keywords Conformal factor; gravitational forces; Planck’s scales; the holographic principle; string theory; quantum entanglement entropy; reincarnation; simulation

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