: NeuroQuantology has been selected for inclusion in Cabell's Directory

NeuroQuantology has been selected for inclusion in Cabell's Directory of Publishing Opportunities. Published since 1978, Cabell's Directories encompass eleven subject-specific databases designed to assist professors and researchers in selecting journals which are compatible with the style and content of their manuscripts.

We work closely with many large journal publishers and individual journal editors to ensure accurate and quality content in our database. Editors and publishers of academic journals around the world have found that listing their journals in Cabell's Directories enhances their image and increases their exposure to researchers throughout the world. Many universities use our Directories as indicators of the types of journals to which faculty members should submit manuscripts for publication. Also, accreditation agencies, promotion and tenure committees, and academic administrators use the Directories as sources of information to evaluate the publication records of faculty members.

In 1978, Cabell Publishing, Inc. was founded to help professors, graduate students, and researchers publish their manuscripts in academic journals. We strive to maintain current information on all of our journals. This information includes addresses, e-mails and web sites for our listed journals making Cabell's Directories an easy point of reference when preparing to publish a manuscript.

Although our past editions were printed, the present editions will be completely electronic and allow our subscribers to view the Directories online. The electronic version will allow us to update the information more frequently. The subscriber will be able to access the Directory at any time and from any location with an internet outlet. It will also enable our customers to share a site license with an unlimited number of users, meaning an entire department or university will be able to use the same site license.

The Directory helps you to determine which journals typically publish manuscripts similar to yours or could be the best fit for your manuscript. The index in each Directory helps you match the characteristics of your manuscript to the topic areas the journal emphasizes and acceptance rate.

The Directory also includes information on the style and format of most journals to further assist you in organizing and preparing your manuscripts. If a journal has its own set of manuscript guidelines, a link to these guidelines is provided in the Directory. Additionally, each entry indicates the use of a standard set of publication guidelines by a journal. For example, some journals use the Chicago Manual of Style or the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association. The Directories now include a direct link to the journal's manuscript guidelines page.

Furthermore, the Directory describes the type of review process used by the editor(s) of a journal, type of review, number of reviewers, acceptance rate, time required for review, availability of reviewers' comments, number of copies required and manuscript topics. Information on the journals printed and electronic launch dates and ISSNs are also provided.

Ultimately, Cabell's Directories of Publishing Opportunities is an excellent resource to use because it eliminates a lot of legwork as you prepare to publish your manuscript.

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